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APL have been successfully designing, developing and manufacturing windows and doors for the New Zealand building industry since 1971.  We have evolved into a large company, creating roles for like-minded people up and down the country. 

APL is a family-owned business, and we strive to maintain our 'family feel'  throughout our business.  APL is recognised as a truly pioneering and innovative New Zealand company, something we hold much pride in.  The future of the company is forever evolving and the company's direction is at the forefront of our thinking.  APL partners with industry leaders throughout New Zealand and globally to deliver truly the best products to our customers.  Together we push the limits of window and door technology to make tomorrow's visionary buildings a reality.

APL is equally visionary with our environmental impact, setting an example of how large industrial companies can do their bit.  We are striving towards how we can make the future better for generations to come, through the steps we take in our business on a daily basis.  We are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint.

The Waikato is our primary home and playground.  We enjoy the special benefits that come with the Waikato lifestyle, and we are committed to our region and the rest of New Zealand for the long-term.  We take our place within community life, dedicating time and resource to various industry, sporting and charitable organisations as our way of giving back to those around us.

APL is the parent company of New Zealand’s popular window brands Altherm Window SystemsFirst Windows & Doors and Vantage Windows & Doors.